The New Hampshire Auctioneers Association was founded in 1954 to represent and promote its membership. The benefits of membership have evolved and grown throughout the years always seeking to provide more and better opportunities for its members. The following is just a glimpse of what the Association has to offer, as we continually strive to provide more assets.

NHAA Web Site: Our site is easy to access for all active members. You can list all pertinent information concerning your company, as well as detailed listings and photographs for your auctions. The auction calendar allows you to list months in advance.

Credit Card Service: We offer the best credit card rate available to members through NOVA Systems. That gives you a great advantage over any other offer. The rate is available on request.

Quarterly Newsletter: The NHAA issues a newsletter with information dealing with that which affects your livelihood and profession. Upcoming functions, letters to the editor, legislative updates, etc.

Legislative Awareness: The Board of Directors keeps a strong eye on what is happening that might affect the auctioneer. We have always worked to insure that the NHAA member is informed and protected from legislation unbeneficial to the trade.

Scholarships: The Association currently awards two annual scholarships. The Memorial Scholarship, established in memory of NHAA auctioneers, provides funds to members and their families for continuing education. The Richard Thorner Scholarship provides funds for education in the field of auctioneering.

Educational Conferences and Seminars: The NHAA offers two major conferences each year. The first is our Spring Conference Annual Meeting in April or May. And the second is our Fall Conference in October or November. These programs bring together auctioneers from all phases of the trade. Not only do celebrated speakers from our region present seminars, but nationally known auctioneers, from the National Auctioneers Association and the Auction Marketing Institute come and offer their insights and knowledge. These Conferences give the opportunity, for all those who attend, to meet old and new friends, gather information, and have a superb learning experience.

Auction Calendar & Syndication: Through our partnership with AuctionLook The NHAA offers you a free embed auction calendar for your personal use displaying only your auctions.  You will also get a private landing page of NHAA with only your information and your auctions.  All members auctions syndicate for free to: 30+ auction websites, a statewide email blast, a national email blast, and the national app "Auctioneer"  wit hover 3 million buyers found in the iTunes and Google Play Store.

These are but a few of the benefits of becoming a member of the New Hampshire Auctioneers Association. We continually strive to bring more value to membership. We look forward to serving you.

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